If You’re Going to Catch Three Fish, it Might as Well be These!

I wish I could say that everything is going ‘gangbusters’ but… it’s not. I spoke with the Tiadaghton State Forestry Manager this morning (5-18-2021) and he confirmed that things just haven’t turned on quite yet – fishing-wise. It’s been one of those sorts of springs unfortunately. We both hoped that this week’s warmer temperatures would warm the waters and turn the fish on.

I’m little ahead of myself – first thing this morning I took a walk down to Black Walnut Button and saw a couple of guys spin fishing with what I thought were ‘squirrmy-wormys’. The one guy caught 2 rainbows while trying to explain to the second fellow that he needed to feel the ‘wormy’ tick along the bottom and then he’d know he was getting down far enough.

I did manage to get out today and fish up one of the many tributaries of Pine Creek. Last time I was here I didn’t catch much of anything and I was a little worried. Today was a little different – and I can say a better outlook is forecast. Initially I had a couple slip off just before their photo-op – at least I was seeing some action. This was more than I saw a couple of weeks ago so I was glad to see it. Finally caught this guy after the initial couple of ceremonious quick releases.

Not a great pic but…. a great fish nonetheless! Surprisingly bright colors for springtime. It’s at least a 9″ Brookie – let’s call it 10″ as we’re fisherman!

This made my day!

On the way back to Slate Run…

The hawk possibilities: Swainson’s, Broad-Winged, Red-Shouldered, Cooper’s, or Sharp-Shinned hawk. I don’t know which one this was but it was great to see it. The famous bear question keeps coming up….

But, of course I came back and looked at Pine. Saw a couple fish rising – not consistently but… could not ignore them.

Didn’t catch gobs but… a couple. Missed another one twice or missed another two once. That was the day fishing. I can’t complain. The word is…. March Browns or Grey Foxes folks! I saw a few flies and they were sized either… maybe up to a March Brown sort of size or a Grey Fox size. So – 12’s, 14’s … maybe?!?!

As the Tiadaghton State Forrest District Manager said – I hope this week’s warmer temps will finally turn things on!

I need to mention that there has been a ‘Pet’ turkey in the neighborhood – that was finding newly planted grass seed a tempting and free dinner. The picture was using a 300mm zoom lens but it really did come close to our place on many occasions. It was discovered, expired, some time in the past week or so. No foul or fowl play is/was suspected. Pun intended or not, I’m not sure which!

Pet Jake – you could get within 20 feet of it before it’d move.

Till we see each other again… HEY… maybe that’ll be June 12th at the Brown Township Fire Hall eh??? The SRS Summer meeting/Picnic – IN PERSON is scheduled for then (check the 2021 Calendar page for details) and is looking like it’s still on as of now – if you plan on attending you NEED TO RSVP us at slaterunsportsmen.com!

… Reporting from Slate Run….. I’m “An Unintentional Blogger”…… aka … UB !

6 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Catch Three Fish, it Might as Well be These!

    • As I write this, it’s May 20th. Do not dis-count the green weenie! I’ve seen one at the cabin and one up the run. The one here at the camp was small – like 3/8″ – 1/2″ but the one up the run was 3/4″-7/8″ – don’t ask me about precise measurements… they aren’t! I believe the precise word on flies would be Grey Fox rather than March Browns… so, take that for what it’s worth. UB


    • Thanks for the comment Blaine! I apologize for the delay in responding as this internet (Viasat) “lost beam” according to the folks that installed it and I didn’t get it back or was out fishing till now.Earlier this year, the first time I was back here, it was ‘out’ and I had to get them here to realign the dish. I was glad it wasn’t that issue at least. More importantly, I could not believe the colors on that Brookie! It’s May not October for crying out loud eh? Lol And that fish was a trophy as a 9″ or 10″ fish there is something! Thanks for commenting Blaine! Take Care – UB


  1. Looks like a fine day, UB, colorful brookie, scat & all… As for hawk, Swainsons is out, but possibly a Cooper’s or Sharpie. Keep ’em comin’! Looking forward to this weekend at the runs.


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