Sometimes We Seek Nature, Sometimes Nature Finds Us

I’m planning on getting back to Slate Run in a week. Fishing is going to be questionable at best – unless there’s some much needed rain that arrives a few days before I do. Low water levels and temperatures that near the 70 degree mark make it exceptionally difficult for trout to survive. Best to leave them alone and take a hike – figuratively and literally.

Was grilling tonight, outside on the deck with a pleasant evening on hand. Had a couple of visitors.

I haven’t spent a lot of time investigating what the green frog is in the images above. But I did see where the Easter Grey Tree Frog could be a bright green according to The green one was hanging out on our basil plants. Then when my daughter and I approached, it bolted to the outside of the container holding the basil. The grey one was clinging on the steel door of the grill. Perhaps the green one was just trying to fit in?

So while I was grilling some chicken I happened to look up to the sky.

Possible circumhorizon arc?

Just googled rainbow in clouds and found this reference – a circumhorizon arc. Maybe that is what I saw this evening.

Circumhorizon arc close up.

Biology or earth science, it’s all around us – all the time.

While I do like to seek out nature and discover new or familiar things while I’m out and about, it seems that nature will come to us if we give it a chance – and we take the time to notice it.

Till we see each other again, … UB

2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Seek Nature, Sometimes Nature Finds Us

  1. Fine study on the tree frogs, and what color on the green! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one around here, at least not with that color. And the circumhorizon seems to have danced up some poetry as well as science there. Thanks UB.


    • I’m not 100% convinced that the green one is a Eastern Grey Tree Frog. I’ll try to dig around sometime soon and update the post if I discover new findings. That circumhorizon arc was something. I know I’ve seen sun dogs in the past, especially in the winter – but what I saw last evening was up high in the sky compared to them. Was nice to see. UB


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