Iso – Wannabe?

What do you think folks? Is this a Slate Drake? Doesn’t have the ‘White Gloved’ Howdy sort of look but the mid and rear legs are light colored and the front are darker.

Anyway I wont be out there tonight but tomorrow evening, I’ll give them a try.

till we see each other again, UB

Retraction – (brought to my attention by Rivertop Rambles) This could be a Brown Drake Spinner!!!!! ON PINE CREEK! … niiiice!

2 thoughts on “Iso – Wannabe?

    • Pretty clear wings with those splotches… eh? I dunno… maybe? I;’d LOVE that there would be Brown Drakes on Pine! Years ago, I saw what was probably a Brown Drake hatch at the mouth of Little Slate on Pine!… just memorable! Large white-ish bodied but LARGE flies. It was really neat!


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