Grey Foxes … Still Here

I took a small hiatus and returned today about 5 pm and found this gal ( I think) on the door overlooking Pine Creek.

Slate Run – 6 pm-ish, 5-29-2020

Correct me if I’m wrong folks!

But… BUT…. but… I thought I saw… yes… a darker similarly sized fellow…. no .. it can’t be… not this soon right (Slate Drake?)?


2 thoughts on “Grey Foxes … Still Here

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Iso’s are beginning to appear. Did anyone see the drakes (in quantity) this season? I saw quite a sight this evening after the rain: thousands of egg-sac Sulphurs flying just above our roadway, perhaps laying eggs on the surface? “Poor things,” said Leighanne. As mixed up as humanity these days.


    • I just pulled in about 5:30 late yesterday afternoon and had not talked with anyone to see if Slate Drakes were out and about yet. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and report if any Isos are around. If I get lucky enough, maybe I’ll get a pic and post it here.
      I bet those Sulphurs did think the wet road surface was a waterway to lay eggs in. And I agree, as messed up as things are, it’s a sad thought that even a creature with such a minuscule brain mixed things up.
      Had a couple good showers here last evening but it didn’t pour – at least very long. Gauge says 2.33 this morning so I’m sure Pine and the Runs are fishing. Looking at the predicted rainfall for the past 48 hours – some of Pine got about 3/4″ but much of it got less, in the order of 1/2″ over the watershed. Looked like the canyon up to route 6 got about 3/4″ (this is all from a prediction map UB


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