4-24-2020 The COVID-19 Caddis

I haven’t tied since last November! Tisk, tisk!

COVID-19 Caddis Pupa – the first caddis tie in a long time for me!

The first two were not respectable enough to present here! Talk about ‘rough around the edges’! This was the third attempt I believe. And then… I have switched over to a newer homemade booth to take their pictures. This only compounds things as I still have a few kinks to work out there also.

Well anyway, this was a simple enough tie when I was really tying a year or so ago. Consisting of a latex or facsimile thereof abdomen, I believe this one has a wing-case or a covering over top the thorax – I used sprayed turkey, mono eyes, then a dubbing loop with an olive dubbing. I believe I put the antenna on after the dubbing. But if you find it works better in a different sequence – do what works for you! Then tie off.

I’ve had some success up the runs with caddis pupa in the past. I’ve been reading though that I must of hit it just right as pupa don’t seem to attract the attention of trout unless they are actively hatching (The Caddis and the Angler, Solomon & Leiser). I don’t recall seeing a hatch of caddis every time I’ve used this pattern – but would still catch a fish or two with it.

Hopefully everyone is hunkered down and doing well. Might be a good time to do some early season tying and then going out and testing them (provided you are allowed in your area and practicing social distancing while fishing).

If any of you SRS members want to share a story and some pictures, please email them to us at:

Please note that this email address is not a link. You will need to enter this in your ‘send’ field in your email message. We do this because the ‘bots’ send us too much junk email.

… and we’ll post them asap!

So if anyone wants to submit something they are tying and fishing, shoot us an email and we’ll be in touch to make that happen!

Take care everyone and be safe,

Till next time, I’m the Unintentional Blogger!

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