4-16-2020: Report from Cedar Run

Finally I can give you some information about what is happening up in one of the runs at least! I am fortunate to be friends with someone that frequents the area and he got to fish Cedar Run this past weekend. With air and water temperatures falling from the previous week, the water temperature must have been in the upper 30s or low 40s. As expected, the fishing was pretty much a bust. However, I will share with you that just a week or so before, the air temperatures and resulting stream temperatures were higher and the fishing was actually pretty good!

But during this past weekend, the report is that the water felt really, really cold! My friend didn’t wear much insulating layers between his skin and hip boots! Makes me shiver just thinking about it!

A few pictures were snapped with frozen or near frozen fingers – putting the ‘camera’ (cell phone) in jeopardy.

Manage all reusable blocks

Looks like there may be many more trees to climb over while we work up Cedar this year.

There were flies ‘coming off’ though. A fair number considering how cold it was.

Possible Quill Gordons?

He said he saw a bunch of flies on the water and in the air. But, he also said there were no fish rising to them at all.

Considering how cold it was, it shouldn’t be surprising that no surface action was observed. Of course there is always the exception to the rule, and so we must go forth and test the waters every opportunity we get.

Frozen Quill Gordon?

Warmer temperatures are coming, so I’m told. Ah, I know the sun is getting stronger and even with the predicted accumulating snow that is forecast for Friday here in Michigan,


….([dramatic voice]We interrupt this BLOG post to bring you the latest, up to the minute news regarding [even more dramatic voice] “Winter, 2019-2020 – The Winter That Will NOT Stop!”. [back to regular dramatic voice] This morning we have a report from Michigan that winter has returned with a vengeance. There are reports of many slide-offs and general hysteria regard the latest weather phenomena. It’s [dramatic pause]…. its[dramatic pause number 2]…. sn.. snnnnnowing! [in an even-toned and calm voice] Now back to your regularly scheduled post.)

… it’ll melt quickly. We’ll be back on the water soon. Think I’ll go tie some flies, I’m starting to feel the itch!

If any of you SRS members want to share a story and some pictures, please email them to us at:

Please note that this email address is not a link. You will need to enter this in your ‘send’ field in your email message. We do this because the ‘bots’ send us too much junk email.

… and we’ll post them asap!

till next time…. I’m the Unintentional Blogger (UB – exasperatingly, lightly slapping the side of my face)

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2 thoughts on “4-16-2020: Report from Cedar Run

    • I think those were Quill Gordon – aren’t they? I think they are 2 -tailed. The one picture does have a shadow of the tail so it’s a little harder to distinguish between the actual tails and the shadow. Well, I have it on good authority though, that the fishing the week before was pretty good. Several fish caught and a few with decent size. Take care Dale!


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