4-8-2020 Social Distancing and Another Arrival

While we’re all social distancing I decided to go get a few pictures of our flooded driveway today. So after I social distanced worked out (with only a few barbells/dumbells I had from years ago and a step the wife had left over from her step aerobic days), I took a walk to see how much water we had over our driveway from the rain last evening.

Water over Drive 1
Hoping for a more dry spring and summer, careful what I wish for

I’m afraid we’re going to have to replace the culvert that runs underneath. I saw a muskrat swimming near the edge a week or so ago. Wonder if he clogged it up?

On the way back I heard the mostly distinct sound of a Rufous Sided Towhee.

Sure enough,  I saw one. I saw it first while I was working out this morning looking out the basement through the sliding doors. Then managed to get a long-distance shot of it here.

Last week I saw a pair of bluebirds.  They were checking out the bluebird box when a couple of eurasian tree sparrows chased them off. I ‘chased off’ the sparrows. In so doing though, I  didn’t see the bluebirds come right back until today.

Just as I took the last image of this bird I saw a martin swoop down as if protecting its territory! I might have to chase off the martin too.

Well, this is how I’ve been practicing safe distancing. I’m hoping that more of our Slate Run Sportsman members are there in Slate or Cedar Runs and practicing it while fishing!  Since I reside out of state, I’m not sure when I’ll be ‘allowed’ to come back.

If any of you SRS members want to share a story and some pictures, please email them to us at:

Please note that this email address is not a link. You will need to enter this in your ‘send’ field in your email message. We do this because the ‘bots’ send us too much junk email.

… and we’ll post them asap!

Be safe and take care folks!


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