3-23-2020: 24 Hours, Rock Piles, Oak Trees and a Fun Guy

We’ve all heard ‘What a difference 24 hours makes”,  as the weather has played this stunt on us before. Yesterday and today was no exception.

I took a walk up our little hill we own yesterday. When I say that, I just don’t feel quite right inside. I think I have more of a belief that we are just here for a little while and I merely get to experience the space or spaces that I thought I purchased and owned. I think the mortgage companies would agree with me on this one. Anyway, I took a walk!

2 Way Split
One Wrecked Tree – of Many

On my other winter hikes, I’ve seen so many trees busted over and damaged from this past winter’s onslaught. And I didn’t think we had all that much snow this year. I certainly don’t remember much, if any, ice that would have done this sort of damage.

Scattered over the hill are several rock piles. I’ve got to think that these were gathered in order to try to farm the hill for some sort of crops.

These are only two of many that are scattered over the hill. Guessing by the age of the trees grown since this happened – I’m guessing this happened maybe 50 -80 years ago. I need some rocks to do a little work around here so I know where I can find some at least.

I think I previously wrote about an old tree line that I have visited several times taking hikes through the woods.

Rock n Oaks #2
Oak Treeline Boundary with Rocks

Even the oak tree boundary line have some largish rocks placed nearby. Like I stated in the older post, I think these old oak trees served as some sort of boundary. Again guessing by the age of these oaks, it’s got to have been 50-80-100 years ago that this boundary line was established. Our current boundary is nowhere close to this land (tree) feature.

A Fun Guy with a Hatchet
A ‘fun-guy’ and the hatchet!

I  usually carry a hatchet with me as I hike the hill. Comes in handy to chop the poison ivy off the trees if I see some trying to take over a tree.

Well, this was all Sunday, an eternity away right?

I awoke this morning to this:

We got 2-3 inches of snow overnight. I shouldn’t be surprised, it looked like it was snowing in the darkness last night. Lights from neighbors far off in the distance were somewhat obscured. The weatherman said there was a chance of 1 -3 inches but that it was more than likely going to be an inch or less accumulation – RIGHT!

The bluebird boxes show that we probably got more like 2-3 inches.

The Red-Winged Blackbird probably didn’t care for this but the Downy and Junco were just living another day.

It’s a little after 2 pm here now though. I’d say probably 60% – 70% has melted away already. The bluebird boxes and the suet feeder with the Downy (pictured above) have no snow on them now. March’s sun is getting stronger every day. Spring is here officially and unofficially. Supposed to be in the 50s some this week.

They just ordered the ‘Stay in Place’ restriction on movement here in the state where I live. It’ll  be a while till I get back to open our cabin up,  but I’m sure it will happen and there will be fish to catch, lies, I mean  stories, to tell, and things to do when I get the chance to come back. I hate to sound like a broken record, but, we will get through all this stuff! Breathe – from a safe distance away from anyone, and go fishing , the old/new social distancing!


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