3-1-2020: Late Winter

I think many of us are starting to feel the itch. While we haven’t had very much snow this winter, we’re still getting to that point that we want it to move along and allow spring to commence!

Life isn’t easy, certainly not in nature.

Noticed the tree and the carcass during yesterday’s walk. Temperatures were seasonable –  cold.

Today though the temperatures were in the high 40s. Late this afternoon, a visitor arrived!

First RWB of 2020-IMG_4065
First Sighting of the Season. Spring must be right around the corner!

Yep, the first of the season! My ‘barber’ said she saw a robin and a RWB this past week. This is the first one I’ve seen. While we haven’t had much of a winter, I’ll welcome spring if it decides to arrive early!

till next time…

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