2-15-2020: An Uncommon Visitor

Last year we had a Red-headed woodpecker that visited our feeder on a regular basis. I actually think there were at least 2 that fed freely here. One was  immature as I could see evidence of some brown-ish feathers adorning the bird. This year, much to my chagrin,  no Red-headed woodpecker.

But there was a visitor today that’s been somewhat uncommon at the feeders – a male Northern Flicker

Flicker Poised-SC-IMG_3804
Northern Flicker(yellow shafted) male, eastern variety – common in these parts – not so common sighting in winter

This may not have been the only sighting over the past couple of weeks. According to Wikipedia and All About Birds web sites they are year round residents. I had the camera within reach this sighting and was able to actually change lenses before I snapped several shots. But then …

Flicker Flees-SC-IMG_3817
One of the luckiest shots I’ve ever taken!

… talk about a lucky shot! This pretty much defines it!

Till next time…  UB

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