8-19-2019: Possible Hex?

Found this lady on the door this morning! I used to email pictures of flies I’d find to Greg Hoover when he was at Peen State. I may have only done this once or twice – but he was always helpful and gave me an identification. He’s not at Penn State anymore and thus I do not have the ability to send him this picture to try to positively identify this fly. If anyone can positively identify this fly, please feel free to comment or email SRS at:

Please note that this email address is not a link. You will need to enter this in your ‘send to’ field in your email message. We do this because the internet bots send us too much junk email.

I’m thinking it may be a ‘Hex’ of some sort. There is a bit of mud-ish or ‘marly’ sort of water nearby in Pine Creek. I think they like that sort of habitat and so, maybe, just maybe this is a Hex.


No matter what it is  – it’s a ‘bigun’.

The Cedar Run Station shows that it got about eight to nine tenths of rain from the storm/s that passed through late yesterday afternoon. Maybe that stirred things up a bit and these were triggered to hatch.

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