8-16-2019: Visitors – Iso? and Bear

We have been visiting Slate Run for many years now. We have even managed to build a place recently where we can come and go as we please. I’ve taken to try and get pictures of some of the ‘visitors’ that I’ve seen this Summer. The mornings are usually good for capturing what insects decided to hatch from the previous evening. It looks like it’s starting to wane a bit as I only saw, on this morning (compared to the last few times I’ve been back here), this solitary Mayfly.

Isonychia bicolor?

This guy posed long enough for a few pictures. Male – as it’s eyes are large in size and claspers are apparent. I believe it’s a ‘later in the year’ Slate Drake. However if anyone wants to correct me, please contact us at slaterunsportsmen.com and let me know the error in my way.

Bruin for trouble?

No mistaking this one. The evening before the Mayfly arrived, this guy strolled down our road. We don’t feed them and hope that they keep their distance from our place. It’s a dangerous combination when they get too cozy with being around people. Sadly, it usually doesn’t end up well … for them. We should not make bears feel too comfortable around us.

Out in the woods, across the area – I’m excited to see a bear – in their natural habitat. I just don’t like to see them breaking into places looking for the handouts that they may have grown accustomed to. It would be pretty neat if they would only break into the places where they’ve been treated to in the past. But, bears don’t have that cognitive ability do they? Darn shame. So in the end, they usually pay the price for mankind’s sins.

Till next time,


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