2-22-2018: First Double Bead Black Stone

Tied this Double Bead Black Stone today. Was tying a version of this last night at a local shop with a few guys and they just weren’t turning out well. I think this is a better effort. Still would like to find a really webby black feather for the ‘legs’ yet. Used a somewhat webby hackle and tied it like a hackle – rotated around the hook shank as opposed to tying down a webby grouse sort of hackle on top of the thorax (like on the Golden Stone in the Comments/Discussion page).

This is a TMC 200R hook, size 12.

The first one tied on the left – tied with the feather as is – the middle photo – marked with a sharpie after tied. Yes, I know, the left fly – I split the wing-case accidentally after I had it tied. No self-respecting trout will touch it … right?

The feather used was a chicken feather I got from a neighbor kid years ago. It was her 4H project bird and she wanted to sell it. I bought it and skinned it for later use. I really like the webby-ness of the feathers for this sort of legging of nymphs. I really need to find some in various colors – black, brown, maybe a dark gray.

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