First Tying Entry: Double Bead Yellow/Golden Stone

Below – a Double Bead Golden Stone with damaged antenna. I first saw these at Slate Run Tackle a couple of yeas ago. I think I went over to Kettle Creek and used a black one there and caught a few little Brookies with it there. This was one I tied recently. The damaged goose biot antenna shows up really well when you take such a close-up picture of them and then you stretch the heck outta them (the image that is)…. dang!

2 thoughts on “First Tying Entry: Double Bead Yellow/Golden Stone

    • Thanks, that was shortly after I took over the website here. Sorry about all the re-issues of the posts but I’ve gotten things finally as they should be – I think… lol. The Double Bead was a little tricky if I recall correctly. I think I had to tie off and then jump up in front of the rear bead – and then even maybe again to the front to tie in the antenna and tie it off. I haven’t tied since the Bleeding Heart last November – I need to get downstairs and do some tying!
      I caught a small Brookie on one over in Kettle a couple of years ago. Thing was not much longer than the fly! Thanks for commenting – I was starting to wonder if they, the comments section, was working. Take care!


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