7-14-2019: Flies from Pine?

I’ve been in Slate Run since Tuesday. Here are some pictures of some flies I’ve seen on the side of the camp over the past few days. They no doubt have come from Pine Creek.

I measured the water temperature on the 10th or 11th, quite some distance upstream from the ‘Stretch’, and it was 80 degrees! As I write this I see that the gauge at Cedar Run is at 1.61 feet. A shot of rain could help the creek here for certain.

A friend of mind fished Cedar Run Saturday (yesterday) and did quite nicely. He caught several fish – a few larger than 12 inches. He did report though that he saw no insects on or fish feeding on the surface.

Hopefully people can understand and heed the good sense the 70 Degree Pledge makes during theses times on Pine Creek.

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