4-15-2019: Spring Has Sprung Right?!

We woke up this morning and it was somewhat ‘white’ around here. Yes, hopefully the LAST reminder that Winter occurred this past season – happened again last night. Yep, it snowed! At least it was just a trace of the white stuff that blanketed the ground. The driveway must have been too warm as it was clear. The grass was still poking through… but covered. I only consider this a ‘significant’ event as this has just got to be the last snow event of the season. We’re all pretty much ready for real Spring around here.

I’ve run out of suet for  the birds and wonder if  I should go buy some more. I’ll have to ‘google’ when to stop feeding them – making them go fend for themselves again. I credit them with keeping  the insect population in check around here.

Last week I saw 3 Red-Headed Woodpeckers here feeding at once. I thought I was fortunate in seeing 2 here together a couple of months ago. One was distinctly a juvenile, one an adult (or at least in full color). I hope I get to see them this Summer.

I’ve managed to not scare  them away from the suet block #2 location and used a longer lens in these, the last pictures I’ll take of birds for this season. I need to get out on the stream – soon!


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