6-12-2018: Another Generic Emerger Tie

Apologies for posting this too late to maybe have an effect on anyone’s fishing but…..I was in Slate run a week ago for a few days and got to fish some. While I was there I thought I’d tie some and these are the result.

I fished up the runs a little but mostly down on Pine in ‘The Project’. Had decent success with these flies. Both pretty simple to tie. The one on the left zlon trailing shuck, dubbed body, and zlon ’emerging’ wing. On the right, same tailing and body with a CDC wing. Both were effective! Even the variation in the body color didn’t seem to matter.

I did try some with some soft hackle like those shown in the 5-8-2018 post here. I did NOT get much attention to this style of fly when I fished it. Switched over to the flies above and it was like a light switch was turned on! (See Photo Gallery page for what I caught with this fly… 😉 )

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