4-14-2018: Hendrickson Para Trailing Shuck

This is for you Dale! I saw your comment earlier and thought I haven’t posted any ties in a little while.

I am surprised at how pink this looks. The body is Hendrickson Pink but I think it throws a pinkish cast to the rest of the fly. The post is a dun gray zelon along with the tail. The hackle is a nice dun saddle Whiting hackle. But it certainly looks like those components have pink in them. They do not… you’ll just have to take my word for it!

I’ve gotten into the habit of tying off on to the post with my parachutes. This fly is an example of that.Hackle tied off with a 3 turn whip finish (I use a tool – didn’t used to but I do now 90% of the time).

I’ve usually tied a more gray dominant body with a little pinkish-claret’ mixed into the gray for Hendricksons in the past. thought I’d tie with just the Hendrickson Pink for a few flies to have some variety.

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