2-28-2018: Purple Haze Para Trailing Shuck

Cleaned up the tying bench/table today and decided to tie up something purple. I ran into someone up near the turn-off going up the mountain. We chatted a bit and shared that purple was a color the Brookies up there seemed to have liked.

It’s like anything though while fishing – it may work one time and then not the next. I have NOT fished a purple fly in Pennsylvania. I have out in Michigan, with a little success – just not in PA. I am looking forward though to giving it a shot this Spring and Summer.

This is just a simple parachute pattern. A rather generic parachute – Z-Lon trailing shuck(tail) – thread body – purple (I only have 140 denier, about a 6/0 thread – I would like to get some 70 denier or 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 veevus sometime), a bit of purple dubbing for the thorax(probably a bit more nymph-like dubbing but oh well), and Z-lon post – and finally a brown and grizzly hackle tied off on to the post. This was the first fly off the vice today(and only one too). Will try to tie a half dozen tomorrow.

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