2-27-2018 SRS BLOG – First Entry

It’s a beautiful day here (Michigan) – so this means that it will show up in Slate Run probably tomorrow – if it isn’t already there.

The Downy woodpecker is resident here. He stays all Winter – something I respect in a songbird. And while the Red-Winged Blackbird isn’t a resident, they sure make you think Spring is on the way. I saw the first one of the season arrive a few days ago.

I’m seeing 57 degrees here shortly before 1pm! If it isn’t already there Slate Run – give it a day  – it’s coming! But something we all realize is that this is probably a bit premature. Still you can’t blame a fella for pushing Spring a little bit!

(Saw the thermometer top out at 60 degrees today – they’re calling for heavy rain and possible 3″ –  6″ snow later Thursday…. …… at least it’s late Winter!)

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