SRS Merchandise

This page will contain items that are for sale from Slate Run Sportsmen. Initially we are only offering the SRS Maps – hopefully expanding to offer other items as soon as we work out the logistics.

Item 1: Map of Slate Run – SMALL – 16 1/4″ x 24″ – LARGE – 30″ x 48″


Item 1:    Maps of Slate Run

Do BOTH steps – 1 and 2 – below to place your order.

Step 1.
Please provide your Name, address, size (in comments section), and phone  number. These are REQUIRED to fill this order. Please hit ‘SUBMIT‘ below the ‘Phone Number’ field  – when you are done filling out the information fields.

Don’t forget – hit the ‘Submit’ above to provide SRS with your mailing address and information.

Now proceed to step 2.

Step 2.
Please indicate how many of either map you want and hit ‘Pay with PayPal’. You will be directed to your PayPal account to complete transaction.

Slate Run Map – small

Map of Slate Run – size – 16.25″ x 24″


Slate Run Map – size Large

Map of Slate Run size 30″ x 48″


You MUST do BOTH  of these steps to place your order.