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Them Changes

I was introduced to a song entitled ‘Them Changes’ back in my early adolescence. I heard the version that had Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar parts in the song. I found out later that the drummer, Buddy Miles, had previously written and released the song as the title song to the album of the same name. But I digress…

Walt, our friend at Rivertop Rambles and SRS member, has written a blog recently and I seem to remember something about changes within the content of that post. The following is another version of this topic.

Branch Change

Branch Change

The trees along side the runs think there’s change in the wind. I’ll be getting a medical modern marvel in a joint replacement soon – that’s another kind of change.

I wanted to fish one last time up in a special spot – before I have the hardware inserted into my hip.

Not all roads are created equal

Not all roads are created equal

As I walked down stream along a road, to get to a favorite spot, I noticed a few points of interest along the way. Out near one of the tire tread paths on the road was this mossy stone and some sort of wild flower/weed.

The ‘spot’.

I was actually surprised that I landed the first one just about as soon as I got there. The fish in hand (in the pictures below) was the first fish caught that day – the one in the water, the second. Two had slipped off during the excursion. I was able to fool 4 fish before beating the place to death.

These fish were fooled on a fly I tied either the day before or earlier that day. It’s shown in the Flies and Fly Tying BLOG  listed under the 6-18-2018 date. It is crudely called the Iso-Brown Drake, Mahogany Dun, Slate Drake fly. I did take ‘tying’ liberties with those flies I fished with that day. When I tied them, I did not use a wire rib and the only hackle I had was a brown grizzly Whiting 100s hackle. The original recipe had 3 turns of each a grizzly and brown hackle – this incarnation had 5 to 6 turns of the one hackle. The fish didn’t know the difference and I didn’t care!

I checked out one more spot as it was easy to get to. No takers but it was a pleasure just to get out there one last time before I become ‘bionic’.

Square Rock Spot

I’ve returned to Cushman Vista several times over the years. It looked like they may have added some gravel and dirt to the road relatively recently. When they graded the aggregate material, it looked like they splattered the sign a little.

The ‘king of the mountain’ had a nice perch!

Late Summer Cushman vista/view – I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.


Panoramic of Cushman View

…till next time – I’m The Unintentional Blogger (UB)




We have been visiting Slate Run for many years now. We have even managed to build a place recently where we can come and go as we please. I’ve taken to try and get pictures of some of the ‘visitors’ that I’ve seen this Summer. The mornings are usually good for capturing what insects decided to hatch from the previous evening. It looks like it’s starting to wane a bit as I only saw, on this morning (compared to the last few times I’ve been back here), this solitary Mayfly.

Early Morning Visitor

This guy posed long enough for a few pictures. Male – as it’s eyes are large in size and claspers are apparent. I believe it’s a ‘later in the year’ Slate Drake. However if anyone wants to correct me, please contact us at and let me know the error in my way.

Evening Visitor

No mistaking this one. The evening before the Mayfly arrived, this guy strolled down our road. We don’t feed them and hope that they keep their distance from our place. It’s a dangerous combination when they get too cozy with being around people. Sadly, it usually doesn’t end up well … for them. We should not make bears feel too comfortable around us.

Out in the woods, across the area – I’m excited to see a bear – in their natural habitat. I just don’t like to see them breaking into places looking for the handouts that they may have grown accustomed to. It would be pretty neat if they would only break into the places where they’ve been treated to in the past. But, bears don’t have that cognitive ability do they? Darn shame. So in the end, they usually pay the price for mankind’s sins.

Till next time,




Summertime And The Livin’ Is Easy – Trout Fishing though can be an entirely different story… sometimes.

Had someone submit a few pictures of fishing in the Summertime in the greater Slate Run Metropolitan area.

While the water temperatures warm and their levels decrease, fishing for trout becomes more of a challenge sometimes. Trout spook so very making ‘approach’ 99% of the game.

But there is success to be had – with the right approach  (mentally and physically), one can be quite satisfied with a day’s outing. These guys did!

2 thoughts on “Summer

    • Thanks rivertoprambles! I am looking forward to walking-hiking-wading without pain. I’m being told that I should put no impact on the hip for 12 months after the replacement! I might cheat a little next Spring but I’ll pay the price if I mess it up so – I best be careful! UB


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