PFBC Executive Director John Arway and the SB935 and SB 30 Issue

May 5, 2018:
It’s taken me a while to get this posted  – but this is a response SRS got via email regarding the SB 935  John Arway issue.

April 12, 2018
SRS Members,

As State Representative for Slate Run and the Lycoming County portion of Pine Creek, I receive and read your emails and newsletters.

With respect to Director Arway and SB 935, it is unfortunate that in his zeal for a fee increase bill, John stepped over the line and directly threatened selected legislative districts and legislators with reduced fish stocking and even hatchery closures if they would not support the fee increase.  The result was the Senate’s passage of SB 935.  John has since publicly apologized and hopefully things will calm down.  At this juncture, I do not believe that Leader Reed intends to run the bill in the House – at least that is my hope.  I’ve worked with John on many issues over the years and have always gotten along very well with him.

I also support allowing both F&B and PGC to set their own fees with the approval of the General Assembly – that is their area of expertise and not ours.

Good luck on Opening Day to all of  you!



Garth Everett, State Representative
84th Legislative District
Harrisburg Office: (717) 787-5270
District Office: (570) 546-2084


April 14, 2018:
Below are a couple of links related to the PFBC SB 935 and SB 30 PA Legislature bills. From what I understand, SB 935 was in reaction to SB 30 according to District 5 PA Fish Commissioner Eric Hussar.

I’m sure there are more on the web.

PennLive Complete Interview with John Arway  – about  38 min long:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted on their website on March 26, 2018:
“The Legislature is hurting Pa. fishing by interfering with fish commission”


April 1, 2018:
This came to us recently. Thought the membership would like to know about it.

Tell Your State Representative: Protect Our Fish & Boat Commission!

The House Game and Fisheries Committee recently voted favorably for SB 935, a cynical political ploy to remove the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s executive director, John Arway, by initiating new term limits on his position for the first time in the agency’s history.

The state legislature has expressed its desire to oust Arway over the agency’s sensible effort to reduce costs after elected officials failed to pass a reasonable process for establishing fishing-license fees. Now, state legislators say they will not increase those fees until Arway is out, by way of placing new term limits on his position, marking an unprecedented attack on a leader who has simply tried to do the right thing to make ends meet under tight budget constraints.

While the PA Fish and Boat Commission is almost entirely funded by revenue from fishing and boating licenses, those fees are set by the state legislature. The state legislature has not increased the fees – and thus the funding the commission relies on – since 2005. As a result, without legislative approval to increase license fees, the commission is increasingly unable to fulfill its core programs, including stocking streams and lakes, managing dam safety, and supporting anglers.

Please tell your state representative that you oppose SB 935 because it undermines the independence of the PA Fish and Boat Commission in a political power play to remove Arway as its responsible leader, under the guise of initiating new term limits for his position. The legislature’s petty attack on Arway is an affront to all citizens who value the commission’s independence and financial ability to fulfill its mission.

Click here to tell your State Representative: Protect Our Fish & Boat Commission!


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