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I started tying this fly several years ago without knowing how it would ‘work out’. I’ve been pleasantly surprised as it has been effective. I’ve caught many fish including a nice Brown up Cedar Run several years ago and used it in the Fall catching a few Rainbows and Browns out in Pine. Shortly after I tied the first few off the vice someone said to me that it looked like an ‘ISO’ as in Isonychia Bicolor. But out in Michigan I also fished it when a Brown Drake was ‘in season’ and caught fish with it.

So I’ve always thought of this fly as my ‘Iso – Brown Drake’ …. thing! Thus, for your observation, the Iso-Brown Drake, Mahogany Dun, Slate Drake……. fly!

ISO Like It

The Iso-Brown Drake-Mahogany Dun-Slate Drake Parachute Fly

Standard parachute post dry fly tie. Has a wire rib on it too and a little dubbing in the thorax area. Pheasant tail, tail; Pheasant tail body, Gold wire Ribbing; Deer hair post, 1-Brown and 1 Grizzly hackle, Superfine Rusty Brown dubbing Thorax – Brown thread- Veevus 10/0.

Apologies for posting this too late to maybe have an effect on anyone’s fishing but…..I was in Slate run a week ago for a few days and got to fish some. While I was there I thought I’d tie some and these are the result.

I fished up the runs a little but mostly down on Pine in ‘The Project’. Had decent success with these flies. Both pretty simple to tie. The one on the left zlon trailing shuck, dubbed body, and zlon ’emerging’ wing. On the right, same tailing and body with a CDC wing. Both were effective! Even the variation in the body color didn’t seem to matter.

I did try some with some soft hackle like those shown in the 5-8-2018 post here. I did NOT get much attention to this style of fly when I fished it. Switched over to the flies above and it was like a light switch was turned on! (See Photo Gallery page for what I caught with this fly… 😉 )


Was back to Slate Run last week and had limited success with this fly on Pine. At least a few rose to it and I should have brought a few more to the net but blew my opportunities.

The fly on the left was purchased somewhere. This caught the only Brown Trout Club (BTC) fish of the week for me. Clearly an emerger of some sort. I only had a few of them and tied several of the fly to the right, to try to mimic the original. I really didn’t mimic it too closely did I? It got the attention though – of a few more fish that, for whatever reason, I was not able to bring them to hand or net! It happens!

This is for you Dale! I saw your comment earlier and thought I haven’t posted any ties in a little while.

I am surprised at how pink this looks. The body is Hendrickson Pink but I think it throws a pinkish cast to the rest of the fly. The post is a dun gray zelon along with the tail. The hackle is a nice dun saddle Whiting hackle. But it certainly looks like those components have pink in them. They do not… you’ll just have to take my word for it!

I’ve gotten into the habit of tying off on to the post with my parachutes. This fly is an example of that.Hackle tied off with a 3 turn whip finish (I use a tool – didn’t used to but I do now 90% of the time).

I’ve usually tied a more gray dominant body with a little pinkish-claret’ mixed into the gray for Hendricksons in the past. thought I’d tie with just the Hendrickson Pink for a few flies to have some variety.


Thought I’d tie some simple caddis pupae-looking files today. Body is Senyo’s Laser Dub- Olive. The ‘purple-ish highlights really are apparent looking at it live – not so much in the picture. I left it pretty ‘messed-up’ intentionally. The brown is Borden’s Hare-Tron dark brown – that has a little sparkle to it also. Brown Veevus thread and a couple of olive mallard ‘antenna’ finish off the fly. Really a pretty easy fly to tie.



This is just a black version of the 3-27-2018 post. Although the 3-27 is a size 12 and this is a size 16. These are taken with different setups so at first they don’t look so different size-wise. But look at the size of the clip relative to the hook! Like I said, the one on the left is a size 16 – right a size 12.



These are very similar in composition. The Copper John on the left is what I tied today and the one on the right tied yesterday.

Both size 12 TMC 2488 hooks I think. I think the CJ was the 6th tied today and the right hand nymph was after about  a dozen from the day or so before.


Still playing around with turkey biots. This is just a BWO version of the 3-13-2018 tie –  tied on a size 16 TMC 101 hook. As you can see I am not an expert tyer or experienced with biot bodies.



Started tying a few of these after tying some crayfish – NOT my forte’. The cray’s should be functional though.

Suppose to be a Sulphur with trailing shuck – what do they call it… a ‘Sulphur Sparkle Dun’ I think? This version has a turkey biot body, Z-Lon trailing shuck that is thinned down pretty well, and the just some deer hair for the wing and Superfine for the thorax – thread head/whip finish.

I’ve found these effective on Pine and Slate in the past. Of course you have to ‘be there’ when it happens.

4 thoughts on “Tying (all comments are at bottom of this page)

    • Those I put under the 6-12-2018 entry Dale – they worked pretty well last week there on Pine. While I don’t think of them as a ‘Soft Hackle’ – I think they are more ‘Emerger’ style. But they worked well for me last week. I think it might have been on the verge of changing and perhaps not becoming as effective as the last evening I fished it, the fish were much more selective.



    • Hi Dale, I think they might have to email them to me first and then I’d put them up on the site. As I am new to this website running sort of thing, I think that’s how it will work. I don’t think anyone can post directly – until I approved comments. So if there are people that want to post images – send them to slaterunsportsmen@gmail.com – and I’ll get them posted asap! Thanks for the comment Dale!


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